Enjoy nature from the sea

Get one of the best seats in the center of nature. The coast track by Odder is not only perfect for relaxing. It is also obvious to experience the long coast track from seaside in a sea kayak or on a boat trip. Kayak, Boat trips, Wind- or kite surfing. Enjoy the nature and enjoy a day at the sea.


Kajak eller Roklub

Har du en sæsonplads på HYGGE Strand Camping kunne du overveje et medlemsskab af Odder Roklub eller Hou Kajakklub hvor der er mulighed ofr at lære at sejle kajak og der er også masser af fælles arrangementer. www.odderroklub.dk - www.hou-kajakklub.dk


Idyllic Norsminde

Try visit Norsminde a small but popular excursion spot. In the summer it is full of life with children trying to fishing for crabs or kayakers rowing through the lock. Here people just enjoy the idyllic surroundings at the small harbor.

Feel the tranquility

Discover the sea and enjoy the amazing nature from the seaside. You’ll get close to nature and experience the tranquility, as you glide through the waves of the blue water.

Throw yourself into the waves blue. Feel the wind in your hair on a trip across the waves with wind- or kite surfing.

Visit the city of Hou. Here you can enjoy the sea in a more peaceful way by taking a trip with the boat to many of the nearby islets.

Experience the lovely and peaceful surroundings at the seaside by Odder.

Feel the tranquility