Sea view for all

At HYGGE Strand Camping you can almost always find an available pitch with a sea view. The sea view is soothing, stress-relieving and puts you in a good mood.

saesonplads hygge artikelbillede

Relax and enjoy the view

It's amazing just how much time you can spend looking out over the water. The sea is ever changing, no two days are the same and the sea can change color from one hour to the next, change character from one minute to the next.

The pitches that lie at the far end of the water are of course the most sought-after, and therefore also a bit more expensive. But everyone can see the sea from their own pitch, so there are only good places at HYGGE Strand Camping when it comes to SEA VIEW.

Only a few pitches are located behind the service buildings – however, these pitches are nicely sheltered from the wind.

"You become addicted to the view"

"As guests at HYGGE Strand Camping, we greatly appreciate the view that the campsite provides. The proximity to the sea and the view of Samsø, Tunø and the traffic from ferries and sailboats is wonderfully calming. Both when we stay at the campsite itself and when we move along the beach or simply take a dip on the jetty. We can highly recommend HYGGE Strand Camping and in particular the view over Aarhus Bay and the Kattegat."

Conni and Lars Hagensen

saesonplads hygge artikelbillede

View of activities on the beach and on the water

Beach life is entertaining, challenging and fun - whether you want to take part or just watch is of course up to you. But one thing is for sure, it will never be boring. The east coast, with calm water and light winds, offers plenty of activities: sea kayaking, paddle boarding, angling, swimming and much more.

The beach is a lovely playground for children who can safely wade in the shallow water... catch crabs, build sandcastles or learn to swim. Or find a cozy, unobtrusive place where there is peace and quiet to enjoy a good book or take a nice nap.